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Going to a university an hour away from home shouldn’t be a nuisance. Lately however, driving and commuting back and forth from home or Katipunan was already becoming such a headache not only for me, but for my parents as well. The solution is to move away from home (temporarily) and live in a place where I can walk to university. The catch?

I have to live alone.

Being an only child, I have spent most of my life being alone. Reading that... wow you guys must think I live such a sad life, but I don't. I actually feel completely at ease when I’m alone. So living away from my parents five days out of a week wouldn’t be such a problem, I’m actually looking forward to having my own space!

The one thing about leaving home that I’m most excited for? I get to decorate my place the way I want it to look!

For the past few months I’ve been scouting the internet and scavenging bookstores for interior design magazines for inspirations. I found myself leaning towards [either] industrial or scandinavian inspired home interiors and neutral color palettes.

The light neutral color palette is perfect for small spaces and it will brighten up the room – I need to maximize that one window!

Mixing metals with wood creates a different texture and gives off an industrial vibe.

Don’t stick with one shade of grey! Mix and match darker and lighter shades to create depth.

Add a pop of color by adding tiny accents to your home decor. The accent color I chose is pastel pink!

I seriously cannot wait to start decorating my space – I’m more excited for that than the actual moving in part. Keeping my fingers crossed that my soon-to-be humble abode will look half as good as these inspirational photos I’ve collected!

Still inspiration hungry? Do check out my Home Interior Inspiration board on Pinterest!

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