Photos by: Jayrene Cruz
A few weeks ago, my old schoolmate, Jayrene Cruz – who’s also an amazing photographer, left me message asking if I could help her out with her FOTOCOM project. After replying a confirmation with no hesitance on my part at all – even though I still had a seven page English paper to finish that week, we agreed on a date and venue for the mini photoshoot.

I’ve been living in this subdivision for a good five years now, and everyday I would pass by this deserted lot that was probably used as a mini playground for kids years before. Behind that small lot is a tennis court. At night, when the old folks would fancy a game or two, its bright lights would blind you. On a dark cloudy afternoon however, it’s deserted save for a man or two guarding the clubhouse – aka a perfect photoshoot location.

Jayrene was inspired by the movie, The Royal Tenenbaums. Released in 2001, The Royal Tenenbaums is an American comedy-drama film centered on an estranged family of former child prodigies that reunites when their father reveals that he is terminally ill. I wanted to dress similarly to Gwyneth Paltrow’s character, Margot Tenenbaum but unfortunately I don’t own a dress that is comparable to hers, so I settled for this bright teal cropped sweater that emulates the simple and plain yet bright ensembles the characters wear in the movie.

Cropped Sweater from Forever 21 | High Waisted Skinnies from Topshop | Sneakers from Vans

I’m planning to watch this film (which was directed by the ever awesome Wes Anderson by the way) before my term break ends. I always cram a couple nights worth of movie screenings and book readings within the last week of my school breaks – I should probably change that habit.

What about you guys? Do you have plans on watching any films this week? And don't forget to check out more of Jayrene's work! Her photos are simply amazing. Jayrene, thank you so much for allowing me to model for your project. See you around!

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