Photos by Eri Ranchez
Currently facing the last two weeks of my Freshmen year and I have been doing nothing but write essays, edit videos, attend meetings, and take thirty minute naps to compensate for my lack of proper sleep. Also, I haven’t posted anything since December even though I have a couple of posts waiting to be published (what a bad blogger), but I’ve had the chance to do a little DIY collab with my good friend Ida of The Green Tea Enthusiast! You can check out our futile attempt to create Crayola lippies here.

In other news, I officially became a member on one of my school organization’s Executive Board and hopefully, I would be able to share some of my adventures as an EB member with you guys! My five-month summer vacation is near and I promised myself that this year, I wouldn't stay in my cave binge watching episodes of Game of Thrones. I'm in the process of making a short bucket list for the summer thatfingers crossedI'd be able to complete before school starts. How are you going to spend your summer vacation this year?

For the meantime, here are previews of what I've been meaning to post for the past two months!

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