In celebration of my bias group's comeback and since my blog is turning six months old this May, I decided to hold a giveaway for all you Filipino ARMYs! Want to win one (1) copy of Bangtan’s third Mini Album: 화양연화 pt.1? Read on to find out how!

It's really simple! Just follow the instructions below to earn points and the more points you earn, the higher the chance you have of winning! This giveaway is only for ARMYs who reside in the Philippines and will run until June 5, 2015 12AM Philippine time and I will announce the winner a few days after. Best of luck to all of you and hopefully this giveaway will be a successful one!

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  1. My bias in BTS is Jungkook <3 When I first heard him sing in Coffee, I immediately fell in love with his voice (and with him, too). That's because I think boys who can sing are handsome and cool. Add to that his looks, too. Haha.

    Thanks for this giveaway! You're so generous. T_T

    1. Aw, our golden maknae! Thank you so much for joining my first ever giveaway! Best of luck to you <3

  2. my main bias is jimin, and he is my bias because i love how passionate he is when it comes to dancing and singing. it's not every day you see someone so young, hit all the high notes and dance the most (and shows his abs the most)

  3. T_T This is so difficult, actually I have one pack bias (with 3 members(?)) ;_; BUT If I would choose only one... I choose V because is V XD no definition. Is a baby alien cute and adorable and I want hug them with anything he does. His checkered smile <3. V is so adorable ;_; When in AHL Yoongi, kookie and V go to the beach, when they finish and they go for food. The moment when V it's behind children being one more and when the children rotated, V said "Hello, oh, sorry" AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH THIS MOMENT IS MY DBSJDSFK *Dies* and this gif: NO. I CAN'T. Kim TaeHyung STOP. And well, I stop or I will make an extra long comment with lots of gifs because <3 ;_;

    Thank you very much for this opportunity ;3;

  4. My bias is Jungkookie ^_^ Obviously I think, I don’t need to explain it
    any further coz we all know how Kookie do everything well but still, I
    wanted to express in this how I love Jeon Jungkook so much ♥ First
    reason is, I actually known Jungkook because of GD xD He gets my
    attention because many people says that he really like GDragon so
    much and I ended up spazzing him haha xD After that, I started to
    know Bangtan and he became my bias :”) Then, I found him a very
    passionate person~ He really work so hard even though he’s still a
    teenager… He’s so talented, and he’s the only one multi-talented
    person I knew at a very young age. I really adore him so much coz
    he can earn money from his own way and he can already help his
    family even though he have to be apart from them. I’m also inspired
    how he do things so perfect… He really do things in the best way that’s
    why he is definitely a perfect role model for each and every teenager
    who wanted to become successful and for those who wanted to fulfill
    their dreams in life. For me, I guess Kookie is not just my bias but he’s
    still my inspiration in how will I pursue to finish all the task I have
    especially the things I need to finish in school coz I also want to
    give my everything in every work I have to settle just like Jungkookie ^_^
    Bangtan also inspired me to know what are the things I wanted to do
    that’s why all of them are already a part of my daily life.. Spazzing in
    their twitter and fansites are already my daily routine and I really love
    downloading fancams and fanpics of them xD BTS is so jjang~ And I’m
    loving them, more and more every single day ♥ ♥ ♥ I guess, I already
    wrote so much haha ^_^ Forgive me xD By the way, I just wanna say
    that JIKOOK rocks and VHOPE also coz they are my Top 4 in Bangtan ^_^

    Btw, Thank you for doing this giveaway ^_^ Your so kind :")

  5. My bias is the one and only, out of this world, extraordinary alien, Kim Taehyung ❤️ hey, what's not to love right!? why is he my bae? I did nit only drowned in his deep voice and smooth moves, but his personality strucked me most. V is not afraid to be himself. He is not afraid to be different. With him, there are no pretenses, no facades, no masks. And i admire that about him. He doesn't pretend to be someone who's prim and proper. He is one of the most genuine idols i know. I love him because i want to be fearless and true like V.
    He is a walking vitamin pill that makes me smile but also cry (of too much feels) at the same time 😭😊 He's just everything that makes me happy. He is Kim Taehyung, not really perfect, but i wouldn't want him any other way ❤️😊😊👽

  6. I'm @MurfiqahM (twitter)
    My bias in bts is Jin the pink princess, ever since i saw him in Boy in luv MV he became my bias, as he looks gentle and caring. He would even prepare food for the rest of bangtan member, and when he does everything he does not complain. Although he is the oldest in bts, but when i first saw him i though he's younger, but after i find out his the oldest, i cannot believe it. But no matter wat his my bias in bts!�� Whenever im feeling down I would look at his video in youtube, when I look at it, idk y I would smile at his video.
    PERFECT !!
    �� Hope to win this giveaway! THANK YOU

  7. Jimin is my favorite he hits me in the feels when he hits those high notes my gosh 😱

  8. I LOVE BTS and my bias is V a.k.a Kim Taehyung.. i love him coz he is weird 4D alien, cute,dorky and at the same time he is cool when he raps on stage and his husky rough voice that is so different from his 5 years old boy face. His charm on stage and off stage both attracts me. He is also a good son that always thanks his mom and dad after getting award or in speech..he is a kind person too, he loves kids and pets too..he is too lavable I can't even breathe properly if I watch his bangtan bomb..too funny and cute in short. I love BTS as a whole even V is my bias. I hope they are born to slay the with their new album I NEED U and I hope they will sweep all awards and ranks the top charts as they really deserve it..I also hope to win this giveaway as I don't havehav an album..

    1. Btw I am parkchanyeolbae in twitter and instagram

  9. I seriously cant pick one Bangtan member sobs but since Taehyung is my very first bias in Bangtan, I'll choose him! Idk but when i first watched Boy In Luv MV, he was the first member to caught my attention (Well maybe because he looks like Baekhyun and he is my bias in EXO lmao) So yeah, I liked him before because of his looks but when I get to know him,, I fell for his charms and personality. His existence itself is perfect and he's cute without even trying! Gosh, I love him so much. His smiles always make my day and when I'm feeling down, I just have to watch his videos and then poof! I'm already happy! Tbh his quirky attitude made me fall for him even more! Ugh he's just irresistible and precious that I want to keep him inside my pocket and protect him from all the hates. And omg his voice is soulful! I can feel his emotions while he's singing and ugh it makes me emotional! Kim Taehyung is indeed a singer.A good singer! What makes me love him is he's not afraid to show his real personality in public. He's not afraid to be judged and I admire him for that :)

  10. I don't think I'll ever have a stable bias in bangtan. Hahaha. But most of the time, it's always Yoongi who hits all the right places in my heart. And I honestly don't know how to explain exactly why. Maybe it's because of his adorable smile, with his gums slightly peeking out. Ugh, It kills me. Maybe it's his pale white skin. But what I truly adore about him is his poetic side. His words. His lyrics. Preach.

    I first knew bangtan through one of their bangtan bombs and I am really really happy that I started to like them because of their fun personality and I honestly haven't watched any of their music videos by that time but I was truly hooked. And further knowing how talented and hardworking they are, BAAAM. I became a fan. And so that's how I started to know them one by one and all those times I had this feeling for Yoongi that was beyond fangirling. OMFG. I don't even know. Hahahahah. He really inspires me, makes me want to work harder for myself. Makes me wanna dream, and work hard for that dream.

    He also has that mysterious aura. He has this deep deep deep voice that makes me feel things. He can be funny this time then be cool the next. I kinda see some parts of me in him. He may not be that showy, but I believe that he deeply and truly appreciates his fans. What else? He's hardworking and really talented. This guy really makes me crazy. Who knows what his real personality is, but I definitely admire his words and lyrics.

    I guess I like him just because he's him. He's just Yoongi. It's because he's Yoongi.


  11. Omg this is so hard! TT.TT i srsly cant pick one orz but i've been thinking of min yoongi these past few days, he's my bae bc he speaks my thoughts through his music and i love his lazy side (idky TT.TT)

  12. I'd say Kookie's my main bae/beh <3 I love how passionate he is with what he's doing at such a young age ;; He's literally a total package from his looks, talent, and just EVERYTHING ABOUT HIM IS SO BEAUTIFUL i can't

  13. my bias in bts is jimin.he is cheesy, greaseballs, funny, hilarious, Adorable and most importantly TALENTED.

  14. My bias is Kim Taehyung. I was confused for a very long time on who's my bias. Was Jimin my bias and Tae, my ruiner? Or is it the other way around? Lmao. IT WAS THE OTHER WAY AROUND, OK.

    Taehyung is this one person who's a happy virus. Whenever he's on a video, a bangtan bomb, a variety show or in a performance, he automatically makes you smile. He does this tongue-out thing which he does out of habit, and it just... ughs. Y U DO THIS hahaha. He's this big furball of energy which you cannot miss. He makes everybody smile. He loves his family, dedicates himself to his passion, goes all out in performing and appreciates his fans. :-)

  15. J-Hope is my bias and also my bae <3 because he is outgoing and he always makes anyone around him happy. Just by looking at him makes my day brighter and livelier (≧∇≦)/ Also, his dancing and rapping skills is another reason why he's my bias <3 J-HOPE 5EVER <3

  16. (can't see my post earlier)
    hi~ my bias is JIN.. you've said pick only one.. and yeah he's my bae because.. i love him.. not because of his handsome face... he's my bae because.. he's imperfect. the way he dance, his awkwardness, his voice... ohmyghad. he makes me fall even more.. and yaeh i love everything about him :D

    1. btw, i'm @DJ_SupD_suga at twt. :D

  17. I don't have a specific bias. It's too hard to pick a bias. When I try to pick a bias the other members are trying to ruin it. So yeah I'll just say that all of them are my bias, let's start with Seokjin, he really takes care of his younger members like cooking delicious foods for them. And he has a mother like material. And next is Suga, even though he acts cool and swaeg we all know that he's as soft as a baby chipmunk in the inside. And he write lyrics and produce music really well. I can't wait for this guy to have his own entertainment in the future. And JHope! His dancing skill is daebak!! And his girl groups dance covers. I just don't understand why some people judge him or hating him and some people telling him that he don't deserve to be in BTS. BTS won't be BTS without our lovely Hoseok. Ignore the people who keeps bashing you and always remember #JhopeYourePerfect. And then Namjoon, the guy with the sexy brain and a great leader. Just like Suga, he's really good in producing music and writing lyrics. And as the leader of the group, he really takes care of his members treating them like his own brothers. Please guide them well. And Jimin, he has the most beautiful smile I've ever seen in the world. The way you can't see his eyes when he smile. And his laugh that makes all fangirls' hearts melt. And whenever there's a member who is upset he always help them to be happy again. But it saddens me when he keeps ranking himself as last when it comes to looks. You're handsome okay? H-A-N-D-S-O-M-E! And you got jams! Don't ever lose that smile on your face okay?. And Taehyung, even though he takes blurred selca he's still handsome 😭. He's smile is so cute!! Even though he has a face of a baby his voice when he sing is so ughhh.... Always keep the group happy okay? And always smile, we get worried when you don't smile. 😭 And Taehyung don't ever EVER change. And last but not the least, the golden maknae Jungkook, those rabbit teeth of yours... I really love your voice. Whenever I hear your voice I feel so calm.. I'm happy that he is already opening up infront of cameras unlike back then he's very shy. Now, we can see his funny and dorky side. Always listen to your hyungs okay? So yeah. Thank you for this giveaway. Hope I win 😭

  18. Jin is the bae of all the baes. I wish he could have more lines though but still, he's my cute shy boy and I'll never get tired of admiring his Koreano self. Ugh, my feels. <3

  19. At first Kim Taehyung catches my attention bescause of his dorkiness and cuteness but suddenly Park Jimin seduced me (lmao). He's super cute back then and now he's so hot (that i can feel it all the way here in the Philippines (lol). The other 5 members are hunting me now. I love them all. Very much that I couldn't find other group to stan. Each of them had his own characteristic that you might fall in love. I really love them. No more explanation. I really picked the right Fandom at Stan these beautiful angel from above. Proud PH ARMY ^^

  20. I rewrite this again cause smth happened ㅠㅠㅠㅠ

    It's really hard to choose (only one) bias among them cause, well, it's really hard!!!

    It was I think last year when my friend showed me their Just One day appeal ver. Video and there's one person(if he is a human) that caught my attention— and that was that cute alien, V.

    I decided to stan BTS and watch many MV and variety shows that caused me to learn each names and personalities and change my Bias from an alien to the Golden Maknae.

    But when the time Danger was launched, my bias list chanhed again and I knew from that day that my UB wll never changed. I was mesmerized by his voice, his looks, and his acting. There, I decided to make him as my bias, none other than the Pink Princess, JIN.

    He's my bias because of many countless reasons. I love the way Jin being the eomma of 5 children and a wife to Namjoon( NamJin FTW! \m/). I love the way how he dance despite of being a dance blackhole. I love the way how he acts as the oldest hyung(even he looks like a maknae). I love the
    way He sings, raps and act. I stanned him even more because of him being humble, how he trained and work harder for him to improove his dancing, singing and acting skills and how he persevere with his dongsaengs to made it to the top. Yes, Jin is more likely to act cute like being childish on his mario and pink addiction, but from this new album, we all see how he dramatically improoved a lot even though he doesn't have so many lines. I stanned Jin because I was inspired by him. He really worked so hard for them to win their first win. He doesn't let down his dongsaengs but instead, they enjoyed it together and they all have fun.

    At first, I thought Jin was the one being neglected to the group. I stanned him even more but later did I know, he is the VISUAL and the OLDEST HYUNG in BTS. I never looked BTS as a group, but rather, as a WHOLE FAMILY, consisting of 5 children and 2 parents. They enjoy the stage so much, that causes all ARMYs to enjoy also. I am really blessed cause I've seen their group and stanned them for a long time. I really love them all, especially Jin being the most perfectly-imperfect human being. His skills, talents, face, and attitude, a complete package. I have no and will never regret being an ARMY, cause being in these fandom and stanning these 7 dorks is one of the happiest thing I have done.

    I will never leave BTS and this fandom, so as that cute baby-faced fake maknae pink prince of my life. Kim SeokJin <3

  21. My Favorite BTS member is PARK JIMIN!!!!!!! He's my bae because he can be all sorts of things like he can be so cute with his adorable smile while being totally sexy with his wonderful body but what I love about him the most is his talent. He has such an amazing and heavenly soothing voice that contrasts his strength in dancing. Another thing is because he seems like such a friendly person like behind all of the glitz and the glam on stage hes a hardworking and loving son who never forgets to stay humble and thankful for everything he has.

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  23. Indeed it is very difficult to choose because all of them are GREAT! but I would choose Kim Taehyung- V!
    Aside from this famous 4D personality and cute face, I chose him because he makes every BTS member and ARMY fans happy :) Whenever I watched their Bangtan Bombs, interviews (though I need english subtitles but sometimes I still watched without subtitles LOL) dance practice, music videos and live performances it put a smile on my face whenever I see them enjoying and making their ARMY happy :) V makes me happy and laugh with his dubsmash and crazy videos and makes me realize that though he is already an idol, he is still humble and crazy LOL and he is he :) He never pretends to be someone and he is never afraid to expose his craziness to all people and that is why I like him :) He shows to us that though you are different from the other, never be afraid to show to them who you really are and to show to them that you are not afraid to be happy :)
    I never regretted to be an ARMY fan because ARMYs are mature, supportive and friendly :)

    FIGHTING BTS! FIGHTING V! FIGHTING ARMY! Let us support all of them 'til the end!

  24. Hi! I'm @pinkkseokjin on twitter :)

    btw, my apologies in advance if this entry is kinda long huhu :---( it can't be helped T^T

    I have two main biases in BTS, ranked as top 1 is the great Pink Princess, Kim Seokjin. :P And well, my other bias, who's ranked as 1.5 lol {this one's actually a secret before, well not anymore} is the swag master Min Suga!... but since you made us pick only ONE {don't you know how hard this is omyghad} I'll only just talk about Jin, the alpaca :3

    Before, when I was just a new fan, {I became an ARMY on Boy In Luv era! :)} I wanted to have a bias, which was unique, and wasn't that mainstream, I wanted to support someone that wasn't given much recognition to. My friends already had their pick of their UBs and as the selfish person I am, I wanted my bias all for my own :P The maknae line were pretty much popular by that time though. My final choice was either Suga or Jin. :P But then, my friend, who was also new to the fandom, chose Suga as her bias ⊙︿⊙,... and that my folks, is how I have finally proclaimed Jin as my new hubby :D but it isn't because I was left with no choice that's why Jin became my bias :))))

    First off, I wanted to support Jin a lot because I feel like he gets so much shading from other people. They'd say Jin is worthless and is just a visual of BTS because his vocals aren't that good, and he looks so stiff when he's dancing. But I know, he's more than that. In I NEED U era, I felt so proud of Jin because he has improved a lot! Be it acting, singing and in dancing, he developed. Next, he's my favorite guy because he's the reason my standards on men raised up unto the roof, basically, he's my ideal guy, haha. I think he's really really REALLY attractive. I have to admit, he was the reason I wanted to stalk BTS in the first place. He was the first guy I noticed in Boy In Luv, aka the first mv of BTS that I watched. :^) Also, I find it really awesome for a guy like him to know how to cook! Major turn-on, LOL. Plus, I love it how he's super caring of the other members. They don't call him Bangtan's mother for nothing right?:3 Lastly, I think he's unique. HAHAHA. He looks manly,{maybe.}, but he likes pink??? and disney princesses???????? OH YEAH AND WEIRD BUT I ALSO LIKE IT HOW HIS PHYSIQUE IS SO MANLY BUT WHEN HE DOES AEGYO eVERYTHING I THOUGHT ABOUT HOW MANLY HE IS GOES CRASHING DOWN and turns into Jin's gender: ???

    But of course, even though I give lots of love to my ub, I'd still love them as a whole, as BTS :D Hmm, I think that's all I have to say about my bias :)

    PS: Thank you, ate Keith for having this giveaway ❤❤ I hope I can stand a chance this time, haha, I've joined countless giveaways but still no luck. ㅠㅅ ㅠ God Bless~ ^^

  25. Hi

    My Bae is Kim Taehyung because of his cuteness and dorkness, his being a talented person, and being his adorable person. That's all. Thank you for this Ate Keith

    1. Hi I'm @alyssamae_m on twitter

  26. My bias in BTS is Park Jimin. He's soooo cute, his face is so chubby that makes me want to squish him coz his too cute. Jimin is also clingy, playful and bubbly. He is so lovely and I can see that he is a very kind person. He takes good care of the other members and show his love to armies. Park Jimin is also very talented. His voice is so heartwarming and every time I hear it, all of my negative aura will go and it also makes me realize that we all go through with this. He is also very great at dancing, I love how his body go along with every rhythm, melodies and beats of the song, he is the reason why I again started to dance, I dance in the past but someone said I'm not good enough that made me stop. He gave me courage and made me think that I should not stop doing what I like just because of what people say, make them feel wrong about it and show them that this is who you are. Though he always tell that he's not good enough or he needs to work harder, for me everything is more than what he thinks. We all know that our kid with abs is manly outside, but inside of him has a soft heart. He is amazing in everything he does. He can act sexy and cute. He is so charming. I love how he shows enthusiasm in everything he does. He is so brave and he showed that we should do our best and we can achieve our dreams. I can see my ideal man in him. He made in inspired and gave me strength whenever I'm feeling down. He made me smile hysterically and makes me happy every time I see his pretty face. Everything about him is perfect. There are actually many sides that I like from him. I have a lots of things in my mind about Park Jimin but I just couldn't find a way on how will I interpret those in words. When I saw him since before their debut, my heart skipped a beat and made me think 'Oh I like this guy' though I don't even know his name yet. I guess you don't really need a reason to like someone, it just came out of nowhere. That are some of the reasons why he is my bias that I can put into words so far.


  27. park jimin isn't just park jimin to me. i had so many biases before him and i don't really know why but i have this feeling that my love towards this guy will last for a long time. jimin is a very fragile person, he just knows how to control himself. when people tease him for being fat and ugly, and whenever i see people bash him, i just want to run to him and cover him and give him a big hug. i want him to feel wanted. even if im just a fan, i'm ready to face everything, as long as im protecting him. i know my limits as a fan but my love for him doesn't have any limits. he serves as an inspiration and motivation for me. it's like i see myself in him. people throw hate on me and tease me for being imperfect but hey, hates are misunderstood compliments right? one thing i learned from jimin is, don't give up. that there's always time to change and there's always a place for improvement. jimin sn't just a bias or an idol to me. he changed my outlook in life and he always motivates me to do my best in everything i do just like what he's doing. and his smile, and by the way he cheers his hyungs up when they're down also tells me to do the same.. even without anything in return. jimin is my sunshine. he lights up the dark places in my heart whenever i feel down. just one picture of him, i'll be okay. i'm thankful for him. i'm thankful because i met a guy like him. maybe i'm just one of the fans in the crowd, but my heart will always find it's way.. to park jimin.

  28. Annyeong! Im Kyla from Ph :)
    Hahaha magtatagalog na lang po ako ah haha di po ako masyado marunong magengrish e baka mali mali yung grammar ko XD

    My bias in BTS is V why? Kasi iba siya sa ibang kpop idols. Iba siya. Ibang iba. Walang arte. Pinapakita niya yung totoong siya sa harap at likod ng camera. Parang ang sarap sarap niyang kasama. Haha. nakakakinlove din yung pagiging abnormal niya. akala ko nga di niya siya babalik sa pagiging abmormal niya pagkatapos nung issue tungkol sa 2nd win nila e. Masyado naman kasing OA yung knetz e. Pero dahil sa pagtutulungan ng Intl Army at BTS members bumalik si alien v ^O^ Sana wag siyang magbago. At sana walang aalis sa BTS. Sumali ako sa Giveaway mo para magkaroon ako ng bts album. wala kasi akong pambili e. Hindi ako suportado ng mga magulang ko sa pagiging kpopper ko. alam ko lahat kaming participant ng giveaway mo deserving manalo. pero kung ako yung mananalo ako na siguro yung pinakamasayang ARMY sa mundo XD bakit? Kasi for the first time makakahawak at makakita ako ng Bts album. sayang nga e di rin ako nakapunta ng TRB in manila T^T wala akong pera tapos malayo ako sa manila. Pero ayos lang. Makita ko lang sila magperform kahit sa livestream lang masaya na ko. Tsaka sila yung inspiration ko e. Sila yung dahilan kung bakit di pa rin ako naggigive up sa pangarap ko. Parangarap ko na magkaperform ako stage at maging magaling na dancer/singer/entertainer. Tapos magiging proud yung parents ko saki n. Haha masyadong madrama. Pero hanggang dito na lang akesh XD sarreh kung tagalog yung ginamit ko. parang mas feel kong sagutin yung tanong mo kapag tagalog. Mas nasasabi ko kung ano yung gusto ko talagang sabihin :) thank you sa giveaway ♡♡ wish me luck.

  29. Taehyung is da ultimate bae, yes!!! My love for him is probably as deep as his voice. ♡ Words cannot explain why he's my bias, to be honest. I just woke up one day then boom, bias. (Sad? I think so too. But it's worth it.)

  30. My bias is V because he's a 4D alien 😂 or we could address him as a crazy person too because he do weird things that's why he caught my attention and he became my bias, he also do things like normal people do just to make us fans happy specially when he's showing his 4D side and feels like nothing can stop him (he's one of a kind for me) even though deep inside of him he has problems or somethings that's going on with him he still keeps on expressing us that he is okay and that's one thing I love about him. V is a natural person he do things that he really wanted to do and not showing fakeness or something to others even though some people misunderstood him. And everytime I watched their videos and V is being an alien again I can't stop laughing and loving him sooo much at the same time.... He's my bae not only because he's handsome I love him for who he was the way he act and definitely his moves and vocals 😊

    Thank you so much for this opportunity ❤️❤️ and sorry if some of my grammar are not right 😂😊😊

  31. Jungkook is My bias. I Love him because He is Jeon Jungkook. For me, He's The Mr. Everything that A.R.M.Y Loves and of course I love them all. ❤️❤️

    Thank you and Godbless. ❤️❤️ Sorry for My english.

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  33. My bias is Jungkook because he is so adorable and we have same personalities.
    He caught my attention because we share the same birthday. Yea. My birthday is September 1, 1997. I got interested to Bangtan because of him.
    He is so very talented and sporty. Maybe it's just a coincidence that I play badminton, too.
    (I'm not telling false things. I really have proofs to what I am saying. ^^)

    @grace_970901 on twitter