With the heat wave in Manila (and I'm assuming the rest of the Philippines) and the start of music festival season, my friend Ida of The Green Tea Enthusiast started to create new pieces for her independently owned shop with the same name. And since it wouldn't exactly be the best idea if she made cropped sweaters, she decided to take some inspiration from the queen of Coachella Vanessa Hudgens.

Voila! The perfect piece for the humid summer weather; introducing the Scalloped Halter Top, handmade and exclusively sold at The GTE Shop. Crochet tops are probably the next It thing for the summer. Hundreds of photos on Tumblr involve girls lazing on the beach wearing crochet tops and bikinis, their hair a beautiful mess and salt sprayed. What's different about this particular top however, is that it's made by the owner of the shop herself. Each Scalloped Halter Top may look exactly the same, but each one has a different story involving their creation.

Top c/o The GTE Shop / Shorts from COPPER / Tutum Sandals / Stoneriver Necklace

Ida is currently hosting a giveaway on her blog because her shop just turned a year old! Happy first birthday The GTE Shop! If you want to have your own Scalloped Halter Top, you can join her giveaway here. The top she's giving away is also one of a kind, she's made a design that's solely for the winner. So what are you waiting for? Go and join now!


  1. You look gorgeous, and what a great item to add to her business! :)