Clean lines and dainty necklaces

It has only been a week since Intersession classes started but it feels like a month has passed already. Even though I only have one class this semester, I'm still keeping myself pretty busy with different kinds of org work and of course, blogging.

It may be June but the weather is still intense and studying in a university that doesn't have air conditioned classrooms to give you a reprieve from the heat, what you wear is important. If you wear something that's a bit thick, you're going to sweat a ton and your only savior will be the Rizal library. If you have a class in one of those air conditioned rooms - lucky you!

Zalora Basics top / Mango shorts / Vans sneakers / OhSnapPH necklace

I fell in love with this breezy pale blue top from Zalora right off the bat. With its thin fabric and flowy structure, this top is definitely a must-have. Its fabric may be thin - enough that it keeps you cool in this sweltering Manila weather but not too thin that you're giving your peers an unwanted brassiere display. The strap detail across the chest also gives this top a bit of character compared to a simple sleeveless top.

In case you missed it because you're not following me on Twitter or Facebook (which you totally should hihi), I am now officially a brand ambassador for Zalora! And that means that I have a little gift for you guys! For your first purchase on Zalora, you'll get a 15% discount when you use my code ZBAPZWJM (you can also check out my collaboration with here to find out how to get a discount on their website!).

This is not a sponsored post.


  1. So gorgeous girl!! Congrats on being the ambassador for Zalora :)

  2. I like your taste, Keith! Your blog is very sleek :) Keep it up