Baby pink and grungy chokers

Last week, my good friend Ida and I went on an adventure. If you've seen the big Z photo on my instagram account, that's the reason why we headed to Taguig on a sunny Monday afternoon.

Compared to Ida's dark and monochromatic outfit, I decided to sport something that's lighter in color but something that still compliments her outfit - hence the black details and grungy velvet choker.

Copper top / Crow skirt / Vans sneakers

Copper velvet choker / Oh Snap necklace

I recently found myself gravitating towards pastel tones and mixing them with monochomatic ones. I personally am not a big fan of bright colors but I find myself wanting to add a bit of character to my wardrobe instead of keeping it a full-on black, white, and grey collection. Adding in pastel colored pieces are perfect for this because it allows you to add color to your wardrobe while still keeping the muted tones.

EmpirePH backpack

You also don't have to worry about which color would compliment which. Pastels are easy to play around with! If you have a wardrobe that's dominantly monochromatic then you're basically set for life. Pastels look great with black, white and grey so mix and match to your heart's desire! What do you think of adding pastel colored pieces to your wardrobe? Yay or nay?

PS. I'm back on! You can find me over at /sartorialnoir, and don't forget to hype this look!


  1. You look good in mostly anything, Keith! Pastels aren't for me yet though (obviously, haha).

    💖 Ida
    The Green Tea Enthusiast

    1. Aw thanks, Ida! <3 I'd make you wear pastels soon mhm

  2. I love vans, I wear mine all the time! :)

  3. Very nice post:)))

  4. Hey,very cure outfit. I like the way you design your blog really. Thank you very much from writing me on IFB I like your blog and I'm following you in all social medias you send to me :)
    hope that we will keep in touch

  5. Gorgeous look!

  6. Nice post ! facing checking my blog out??