Meet Amelia Jin, the glitter enthusiast blogger based in sunny Los Angeles. A part-time blogger and full-time student, Amelia is slowly taking over the webspace fashion scene – and soon the bustling streets of New York – with her personal style that screams LA Chic. In this pilot feature, Amelia gives us a glimpse of her blogging history, personal style, and thoughts on passing her dream school NYU.

1. What was the catalyst for starting your own style blog?
I’ve always loved the fashion world and how an outfit can present so much about the wearer. I wanted to document my outfits and so I started to post outfit photos up on a platform back in 2011. After I became addicted to updating different outfits and receiving some encouraging responses, I decided to launch my own blog!

2. How did the blog name “canyoupasstheglitter” come about?
When I first started blogging, I had (and still do!) a fetish for glitter. I would like to think it’s sort of a play on word. People normally ask, for example, “Can you pass the salt?”; I just saw myself always asking for glitter.

3. A place you’d love to travel to:
Abu Dhabi (Besides the amazing landmarks, I want to experience a culture shock).

4. What was your reaction when you found out you passed NYU?
I was very shocked, surprised, and extremely happy because 1). NYU is my dream school and was actually the last school I heard back from and 2). It’s located in New York City…enough said.

5. Name five things you’re excited to see, visit or experience while in New York.
The Metropolitan Museum of Art; The public transportation system; Shops in Soho and on Fifth Avenue; Broadway shows; Authentic New York style pizza.

6. Something you’ll miss that can only be found in LA:
The food!!! Since it’s a city known for being a cultural hub, the types of food are diverse and the variety definitely cover an entire spectrum. Really, where else can I grab some KBBQ and have some Guisado’s tacos?

7. Where do you get your best style inspiration?
I actually look for inspiration from clothing companies’ marketing campaigns. I look at ads in fashion magazines and watch video campaigns. These companies dictate really what’s trendy and what’s the “It” piece(s) to have.

8. Favorite place to shoot OOTDs?
An empty outdoor parking lot (great lighting, the desert-ness of the setting allows you to really focus on the outfit, and there’s no one around)

9. What is one question you think should be asked more often when it comes to fashion and/or style?
“Who are you dressing for, yourself or society?” Personally, I think what you wear should reflect and even amplify your true personality and tastes; other people’s opinions should not influence your fashion decisions.

10. Where do you see yourself in five years’ time?
As a creative director or marketing director at a fashion/clothing company.

You can catch up with the lovely Amelia through her blog, twitter or instagram. Who do you think will be on Spotlight next?

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