The phrase "describe your style in one word" makes me anxious, no joke

I used to be insecure about not having one specific type of style - weird, I know. You see, unlike my blogger friends who can describe their style with one or two words, I can't even figure out what kind of style I have.

Necklace from Glitters

I thought that having one specific style is the key to becoming a successful fashion blogger. Although it can help (because consistency is nice), it's not always true.

Bag from Empire

Not being confined to one certain style allows me to experiment and try new things without feeling like "it's not me." Even though I still get a bit anxious whenever I'm asked to describe my style, I learned to appreciate its complexity.

Cardigan from Korea
Top from Mango
Shorts from Mango
Sandals from Hue Manila
Snapback from Barista Box