After a semester of classes, four months of never-ending org work (I’m trying to be active in all of my four orgs this school year #magis #BSOrg), roughly two weeks of having a sprained ankle, and an emotionally draining day, I can finally sit down and write a blog post.

Although this is only a Sunday Currently journal entry, it feels great to finally be able to write something for my blog. I missed writing just for the sake of word vomit.

READING my Fil14 notes so I can (hopefully) ace tomorrow’s long exam. I’ve also read about 13 articles for my Communications Theory class maybe two weeks ago, and I seriously need a break from all these required readings, reading a book for leisure would be nice.

WRITING this Sunday Currently volume and a write-up for our Psychology project.

LISTENING to Tori Kelly’s album Unbreakable Smile.

WATCHING (don’t judge me) On The Wings of Love #IWantAClark

THINKING and stressing about all the schoolwork and exams I have to finish and study for.

SMELLING like green apples. Thanks for the new shampoo, nanay u da bomb!

WISHING and hoping that things will get better.

WEARING my new ACOMM hoodie. I’ve been wearing this hoodie non-stop ever since I got it last Monday; it’s so comfy!

LOVING life. It may not be my semester (I was going to say year but the first half of 2015 was pretty okay) but I’m still grateful for all the projects and opportunities I’ve been receiving so far. Also, ang drama ko naman.

WANTING a break with no schoolwork to worry about, and world peace jeez like for real.

NEEDING money so I can actually go on a summer term abroad.

FEELING bittersweet.

What about you, how's your Sunday so far?

The Sunday Currently is a blog link-up by siddathornton.

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  1. finally a post again :) missed your posts! and I totally agree to #IwantAClark
    keep going girl and lots of love :*