I've only started making Christmas lists during my late years of grade school when events like Secret Santa became a must for school Christmas parties. I never made wish lists to give to my parents during Christmas or even during my birthdays; but I must admit, it has become a habit of mine to make lists of things I'd want to have, except I would keep those lists to myself

Ever since I turned 17 two years ago, my list began to grow shorter and shorter - because the things I want aren't material things anymore. As a matter of fact I think they've become borderline resolution lists haha! Although there are still a few material things listed on there, majority of things I've listed down aren't tangible. I would like to share all the things I've written down on my list but I've learned that if I share my goals or resolutions to other people, I tend to not push through with them. So today, I will only be sharing the tangible items on my "Grown-up Christmas list." (If you consider wanting a Mickey Mouse plushie a grown-up thing that is...)

Mickey Mouse Tsum-Tsum Plushie // Fujifilm X-E2 // Herbivore Rose Hibiscus Mist
Canon EF 35mm f/1.4L USM Lens // Pandora Charms // Marc Jacobs Kent Creeper Oxford
iKON's Welcome Back Album // No Grade Lower Than a C+

Some of the items I've listed down can be found on Spring; a one-stop collective online retailer that emulates the experience of having all the beautiful boutiques lining New York City's Spring Street in SoHo available in one place. Spring also features items from more than 800 brands and just launched this cool accessories section, so don't forget to check it out! Thanks a bunch, Bri for introducing me to your team and letting me know about this handy website; you can also download their app so you can shop on-the-go! And also, I got the grades that I wanted!! I'm a bit sad that I didn't reach the cut for at least the second honours dean's list but it's okay, I have five more semesters to try my luck out on that.

What are on your grown-up Christmas wish list? Happy Holidays, everybody!

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