Photos by Nikki Bonuel
Trying to juggle schoolwork with passion projects and an internship is never easy. You have to divide every single one of your free time to a tee so you’re never wasting valuable time

Top from Verano | Skirt from Stylenanda

It’s May 2016 and I’ve already gone through half of my college life (crazy!!) and I think I’ve perfected the art of time management – well almost perfected it. I still slip up and procrastinate some of my schoolwork but hey, at least I manage to pass them on time and with great (naks) quality.

Shirt (worn as a dress) from Tuck & Tale

My favorite part about studying and working with a bunch of talented people is that every single school day can unknowingly become a collab day. Take the photos from this post for example. We were having a photoshoot for ACOMM and they needed to do test runs so I volunteered! Yay for free blog photos!! Haha! Thank you, Nikki u rock!!

Top from COPPER

It’s actually amazing how you’re always surrounded by creative people and how everyday can turn into a passion project day. So before I end this post, I just want to say: always remember that there is beauty present anywhere and never ever stop doing what you love doing; never stop creating beautiful things; don’t ever stop making art.


  1. Loving this Keith! Looking forward to collab-ing with you soon 💖

    1. Thank, Chels!! Can't wait to work with you soon!

  2. We have yet to shoot together!!!! ++ You and Ida aaaahhhh

    1. yes please! Plus a shoot with Nikki would be faaaaaab