Photos by Eri Ranchez
What do you do when you arrive early for work and you think you're wearing saks lang on-duty clothes? Have a photoshoot (and shortly miss getting hit by a car)

Polo (worn as a jacket) from Forever 21 | Sneakers from Vans

It was around 5:50 PM when Eri and I arrived at Archipelago 7107 for a photography gig last March 12 (call time was 6:00PM) and even after running to Podium in search of an open Starbucks branch, we still managed to arrive at the venue early.

Muscle Tee from Topshop | Shorts from COPPER

With nothing to do, Eri and I decided to have a mini photoshoot at the street parallel to the resto bar. The street looked sketchy, but surprisingly, the photos turned out great!

Backpack from Empire

Here’s to more photoshoots while being on the job (yes, we have another set coming up haha!).

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  1. We always talk about your fashion sense gurl. Sobrang ganda. We are your biggest fans po :((( -Janessa and Conlu