Photos by Eri Ranchez
It's been awhile since Eri and I had a "proper" shoot so let me upload these photos that are actually months old, but I thought I'd share them with you guys anyway since the cold season is supposedly about to start

These photos were actually part of my submission for the 7th annual K-Pop Convention that happened last December 19, 2015. It's my second time applying for a spot on the K-Pop Invasion Fashion Show but unfortunately, I haven't been securing a spot for the past two years. Is it because I'm too tan?! jk I love being a morena.

Knitted Coat from Korea | Top from COPPER

For last year, the applicants were asked to create an outfit that is "Korean" inspired. I was originally thinking of dressing up like a specific idol but I thought it might come off as a bit cosplay-ey (is that even a word) so I decided to head on over to StyleNanda and get some ideas. What do you guys think?

Skirt from StyleNanda | Sandals from Annie & Lori

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