Still drowning in school and org work, what's new? But hooray for (almost) Christmas break!

2016 has been a very busy, very eventful, and very stressful (!!!) year and honestly, I just want December to come so I can finally be on break and just relax for an entire month. A lot has changed since I started my third year in college (one more academic year and I'm done!!!). I cut my hair, I've been really productive, I applied for a minor in Korean Studies, I stopped drinking coffee, I finally stuck to a skincare routine, and I'm trying to live the minimalist life.

Bag from Glossier

It's been a tough semester; there are times when I just want to shove my homework away and start watching Korean dramas or catch up on Game of Thrones but I can't, instead, I suck it up and finish the work. I'm sleep deprived most days but ginusto ko to (I wanted this) and I wouldn't exchange my life for anyone else's, no matter how hard it may currently seem to me.

Jeans from Dorothy Perkins | Sneakers from Vans

Also, I finished taking my Philosophy midterms a couple of weeks ago and I'm currently reviewing for my final orals so I'm questioning the purpose of my existence luh. We're on the topic of the human being and the main question we dealt with the entire semester is "what is the human being?" ... and this is probably the reason why my post is like this. You're probably wondering "ano kinalaman nito sa suot mo bes" ("what does this have to do with your clothes?"), to be honest bes wala naman ata (there's no connection) but after taking a few months of Philosophy classes, I was determined to cull my possessions and attempt to live a minimalist life; talking about life and death has made me realize a few things, okay *cries*

Top was gifted | Camisole from Rhipe's Backyard | Necklace from CARI

The two tops I'm wearing are actually gone from my closet. I sold the maroon camisole and gave away the black top. My closet is now only filled with pieces that make me happy; according to the Konmari method, you should only keep the things that bring you joy. I haven't completely culled my posessions but I will definitely be down sizing the amount of material things that I own.

If you're interested in trying out the Konmari method, you can check out this book entitled The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing by Marie Kondō. I started my minimalist journey by reading this and it's off to a great start! See you on my next post when my mind isn't filled with Philosophical jargon haha!

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